The path to your rights

Are you or your relatives looking for answers to questions such as:

What am I entitled to (victim of an accident)?

Who will pay my salary?

How long will the daily allowance be paid for?

Who will pay the domestic help fees?

Who will pay for my additional expenses?

Who will pay the treatment costs?

Which insurance pays which benefit?

What happens if I become temporarily or permanently disabled?

What happens if I lose my job?

Do I need to file criminal charges?

What deadlines do I need to comply with?

Which documents do I need to sign?

Will I get compensation?

Is the compensation offered by the insurance company sufficient and fair (second opinion)?

I will look at the case with you, advise you and represent you when dealing with the insurance companies.


How much will maintenance be in the case of separation/divorce?

How are assets divided in the case of separation/divorce?

How can access/holiday rights be arranged?

Who keeps the house in the event of divorce?

Do you also provide mediation?